I have worked in different media in my career, including ceramics and textiles, but now in later life I have prioritised painting. I have moved to beautiful East Fife in Scotland, and find the landscape an endless source of inspiration, although I do not work directly from it, but use memory and mark-making and the physical presence of paint to conjure abstract paintings about place. Sometimes there are words too, mostly buried in layers of paint.

If you would like to buy a painting click on the link “here” to go to my Big Cartel shop, or to find out more about it, go to the contact page and send me a message, from then on we can communicate by email.


  1. Hi Jane, I feel I have to write! Over my breakfast this wet morning I thought I’d revise umbellifers (hogweed being the bane of my life ) and on googling your excellent piece came up. Thank you very much. But then I noticed your name .many years ago I bought a small wool scarf of your in Norfolk. It became known to my children as Jane Wheeler (I wore it a lot for years and it was liable to hide on occasions – hence the “has anyone seen Jane Wheeler). Some years later an old friend gave me a slab wood fired pot. I loved it and comment immediately that it reminded me of my scarf. And, lo and behold, you had made it too!! I shall look throughout the rest of your site now, over my coffee! Many thanks for years of pleasure and for the umbellifer revision course!

  2. Jane,
    I wandered one place, then another, then another…there I discovered you. I have read your entire blog…drooled over your array of work, creative mediums and am compelled to write and thank you for the beauty you care to create and share. As a maker myself, I am quite speechless as to how your work affects me. Do you teach? I’d ask if we could meet for coffee but I am in Oregon…but if you hosted a workshop I would gladly participate AND share a coffee. Again…offering my appreciation and awe at what you see and do.
    Most sincerely, Kristine

    1. Hi Kristine
      that is very kind! I am glad to provide interesting stuff to read! unfortunately I am in the UK so no possibility of meeting for a coffee! I don’t teach in fact, it’s not one of my strengths; I think I’d be hard put to it to narrow things down enough, also a lot of people do it much better. for instance, India Flint, Anne and Peter Sansom, Michel Garcia, all the poets teaching on the Arvon courses I have been on, other friends I have picked things up from over the years … the MFA I took in fine art back at the end of the 80’s …. my tutors when I was very young at Art School ….etc etc etc …. all the best, Jane

  3. I’ve just stumbled on your website, and am delighted to find we have several interests in common. No time today to read much of your blog, but am looking forward to doing so, and anticipating learning lots (even though you say you’re not a teacher!). Please add me to your list to receive new blog posts. Thank you very much.

    1. Carolann, thank you! I think there should be something on the website to click to receive updates – there certainly is on the blog

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