two pottery exhibitions in Tokyo May and June 2015

from May 8th to 17th my pots will be on show in Pragmata Gallery in Tokyo

Yubinbango104-0032, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Hatchobori 2-3-3-3F 03-3297-6011

here’s a selection –


and then following that at Oz Zingaro, Takashi Murakami’s ceramics gallery in Tokyo

Yubinbango164-0001, Nakano-ku, Tokyo Nakano 5-52-15
Nakano Broadway 4F 03-5318-4150
opening times 12:00 to 19:00

here is a selection of what I have sent them.

and here is the very smart invite for this show which is one for me to keep, I think.


  1. Jan Lewin-Cadogan Reply

    these all look stunning… good luck!

  2. Jane Wheeler Reply

    thanks Jan, I must say they were extremely careful about the selection. 🙂

  3. Jane Wheeler Reply

    just heard the pots for the first show arrived safely, will be posting on the blog, as I am promised lots of photos

  4. Angela A’Court Reply

    Hi Jane, I show work at the Stour gallery and own several of your beautiful pieces. Am currently in Tokyo and was excited to see you are showing here – regrettably have missed the Pragmata show but will go to Nakano after the 28th to see your work. Warm regards, Angela

    • Jane Wheeler Reply

      thanks Angela, very glad you can get to it 🙂

  5. jung Reply

    Dear Jane,
    I am a huge fan. These are extremely beautiful.
    Do you make your own glaze? It is SO amazing!!!
    I hope to see them in person someday.

    • Jane Wheeler Reply

      thanks very much! yes, I make the glaze from a recipe by Emmanuel Cooper, and a slip recipe from Daniel Rhodes

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