my artist’s statement

Current Artist’s Statement

Intrinsic to my art making process is an engagement with the environment which surrounds me. I want the landscape to express itself, to bring to the surface what does not necessarily meet the eye. This is a transformative process provoked by my experience of its atmosphere and moods, its shapes, textures, colours, sounds and smells. I want to bring Scotland’s spirit,  its deep time, and its current activities to my paintings.

from Discovering Chuta Kimura by Arthur Danto:

“ It is as though he wanted the landscape to express itself, wants there to come to the surface what does not necessarily meet the eye: a force, a stirring, a shifting and a wildness, a spirit one has to provoke by some counter-energy on the artist’s part.It is as though the landscape were some sleeping dragon disguised as hills and meadows, as some peaceful place, but which, with enough prodding, reveals its true power, dissolving into something that writhes and whips and flashes before it subsides back into colors and shapes, leaving the memory of something untamed “ 

I begin with daily walking and en plein air drawing/ painting. Back in my studio I refer to this with improvisatory mark-making. I allow the fluidity, thickness and transparency of the marks I make — with brush, knife, fingers, twig, pencil, crayon, pastel — to recreate my impressions and my memory. The depth of the layering over collage, and the intuitive act of putting down paint, reaches a conclusion that transforms what I see and note down. Sometimes this will take only a day or two, sometimes months or years as I work over the surface again to allow the process to reveal that expression of the landscape.


Jane Wheeler August 6th 2021