Acrylic, paper, gouache and water soluble crayon on canvas, 2022, 80 x 70 x 4 cm.

I painted this with quite a small stiff brush taped to a bamboo stick, left handed, which allows for not a lot of control, but also as you are standing back you can see how it looks from a bit further away as you work. This technique requires that you know when to stop, before it all turns into a muddy mess.

Again, the title comes from the Hindu mystic poetry, the line   “If you ask – I shall dye my saree in the colours of flowers”  which I responded to in a very basic way – it is summer, I have a garden full of flowers which I am very excited about as I grew them all from seed last year – but also the image of the two Rajisthani women singers performing in the Paul Thomas Anderson film documenting the recording of the album Junun. The way that the pink and green resonate together, as they sit opposite each other on the traditional colour wheel. They enhance each other and are celebratory in their mutual vibration.