I paint about being in the landscape, often quite specifically in the Scottish landscape where I live, to make a way of combining history and geography of place with the physical matter of paint materials.
I work in various sizes but in the last year my small paintings have got smaller and I have discovered how mark-making becomes enriched on a small scale on panel, while the very small can be as monumental as the large.
I have always been interested in what is human and un-human in the landscape, in terms of imagination, geology, mythology, our very ancient ancestors, our hominid family, and their art and ritual. This can reconnect us with the environment in a very real way, adding another layer to the concept of rewilding.
Recently I have been writing poems connected to Irish mythology and came across the legend of Ois├Čn, who was born as a deer through the dark magic of a vengeful druid. I love the idea of the hybrid figure, (similar to the Palaeolithic lion man figurine), a persona with no fixed identity but deeply implicated in country, and have incorporated him into paintings based partly on a trip through France and the Basque country, although Scotland’s woods and forests are there too.

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On a forgotten path

acrylic, paper collage, pigment and oils on linen and canvas, 2024, 120 x 120 cm.