Prepping canvases, studio study from life, January 2024, watercolour and pencil on 300 gsm hot press paper. 16” x 12”.

My main studio, the converted garage, despite the insulated box that it is, is too cold to use in the winter – that is, I can’t afford to heat it properly – and this back room has been a delight to work in – with watercolours I can paint anywhere in the house of course.


Watercolour and pencil on 300 gsm cartridge paper mounted on stretched canvas, 2024, 60 x 42 cm. In January ’24 I responded to a challenge on Instagram to paint and post something from life every day, and this was one of the first I did, in my winter studio, ie the back room which has a wall of bookshelves and the french doors with steps to the garden. It also has a large daybed in it so not a lot of space …


Gouache on hot press 300 gm paper, 15 x 11 inches, 2022

The early and ground-breaking geologists Peach and Home stayed at Inchnadamph in the early 1900’s. In the glens behind the hotel the limestone rock is porous, rivers disappear and reappear, there are caves, and limestone pavements high up just like the Burren in Ireland and Malham Cove in Yorkshire, with specially adapted plants.