KITH, 2023, acrylic and pencil on cradled gesso board, 25.4 x 20.3 x 1.9 cm.

One of my lost in the forest series with a horned figure, or are they just wearing a hat with ears? Related to “Sometimes that holy feeling met me in the forest”. The trees are from a walk earlier this year in woodland in Murthly, near the Tay in Perthshire. There are several layers on this, it was not an easy one to resolve.

The edges are painted blue, and it doesn’t need a frame. FOR SALE via Artists Support Pledge, £220 plus shipping. Contact me via the link in the menu for more info.



Acrylic on canvas-covered board, 2023, 30 x 30 cm. Example frame only.

Painted in the slightly chilly studio on a late September afternoon, listening to the Naked Neanderthal by Ludovic Slimak – cannibalism – or was it? – 120 thousand years ago, sudden climate warming to warmer than today, temperate forests covering what had been chilly plains full of prey herds. Here’s our temperate forest with our hunter, in Scotland’s old oak woods at Kinclaven, not a cannibal though he does like red meat. Kernel, many-layered, from our walk at Kinclaven, Perthshire, in ancient woodland near the Tay.